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What are the Things to Know When Shipping to an International Buyer’s Door in Europe?

In the United States, it’s common practice to deliver goods to a customer’s doorstep. Isn’t this what makes Amazon and Walmart so appealing? This mentality doesn’t change just because someone lives overseas. Customers in Europe expect the same smooth delivery service from your e-commerce store as your US customers.

However, shipping products to a buyer’s door in Europe isn’t quite as simple and straightforward as shipping within the states. There are some factors you’ll have to consider, which we’ll cover today.

Value Added Taxes (VAT) and Duties

With international parcel shipping, your packages have to cross two borders: export from the U.S. and import to the country of destination. As a result, it is subject to value added taxes and duties (for high value items). In Europe, value added taxes vary from country to country, but will most likely be between 19 and 21%. If you expect end receivers to pick up these costs, there is a high chance that they will reject the delivery and follow up with a poor review on social media.

To avoid the above scenario from hurting your business, it’s best to use delivered duty paid (DDP) solutions. DDP shipping to Europe works in the buyer’s favor, as the online seller in the country of origin is responsible for clearing goods through import and export as well as paying all taxes. But it also works in your favor, because all parcels are delivered to the buyer’s door without delivery delays or fees.

Local Customs Compliance

Another factor to be aware of when shipping to Europe is your liability. It’s up to you to make sure the goods comply with the import regulations in the country of destination. Goods sold to other countries must comply with local regulations, so we recommend to doublecheck with your e-commerce logistics provider in advance.

Selling online to Europe and other destinations can be quite challenging on the logistics side. Therefore, you’ll want to work with a trusted international parcel shipping expert. YunExpress USA clears 100% of parcels upfront in our dedicated B2C clearance hubs. We have clearance hubs in 11 countries worldwide, including European countries.


Delivering products overseas typically costs more than delivering domestically, as it involves international airfreight, customs clearance, duties and other additional costs. With some shipping solutions, it’s easy to lose control and end up paying more than what was charged to the consumer at time of checkout. YunExpress USA provides a different experience.

With us, you get the entire logistics chain handled and fully landed cost are known upfront. This includes the first mile, sorting in our export hubs, airfreight into Europe, customs clearance in Europe and last mile delivery. We operate one IT system globally that supports all of our offices and warehouses, and we provide detailed tracking information with multiple milestones.

Shipping to a buyer’s door in Europe may sound like an obstacle for your business, but DDP shipping to Europe with YunExpress makes it easy. If you’re ready to expand your business and offer the same great experience to customers in Europe, contact YunExpress USA today.

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